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A Hard Pill to Swallow

How many times in life have you been told to swallow a pill to fix your life? Having a hard day, take this sphere-shaped tablet that will fill you with apathy instead of fear. Stomach ache? Some bright pink chalk will fix you right up. What if you were to hear that instead of these outside sources promising a cure of some source YOU have the power to change the way the molecules function inside your own body.

Living with cystic fibrosis, I spent 26 years of my life obediently following most doctor’s orders, taking antibiotics at least every quarter and sometimes more. I even had two implants placed into my chest, so these antibiotics could reach my heart as quickly as possible. My nutritionist told me to eat lots of processed high-fatty foods like pizza and ice cream (I wish I was kidding). I spent a good ten years in and out of a gastrointestinal doctor’s offices, having every procedure completed because no one could figure out why I was always in extreme levels of discomfort due to malnutrition. My sinuses were reconstructed four or five times within a five-year span due to chronic sinus infections. And that’s just the beginning of the procedures…

When I was 25 I had the hardest year of my life health-wise. I was 45 pounds overweight, inactive, pumped full of heavy doses of narcotics for pain management, steroids that made me suicidal, and had a VERY poor diet. I was listening to what the doctors were telling me, and I was just getting worse by the day. To be frank; I was dying, and I had to face the fact that I was the one who needed to make the change. The doctors were just doing what they were taught, and genuinely thought they were helping.

In western medicine doctors receive maybe one or two courses on nutrition, that’s it. Instead they are trained to prescribe pills and surgeries but forget that Mother Nature cures all ailments. So, after waking up one January morning feeling so disgusted with my current state of livening I decided to change. I realized that I have the power to save my life, so I started discussing my options with my husband and we began an adventure in holistic healing. Now, I DIDN’T stop taking my medicines, I just started to look for the causes to my symptoms to see how I could change my internal environment.

I still take three prescriptions, and a handful of supplements every morning!

First, I had to get sober and that was the hardest part. Learning to live again without the haze and warmth of narcotics, is another blog entirely. But from there I was able to feel what was happening inside of my body, so I could start to listen to the internal struggle. I realized that it’s insane to think that high-processed fatty foods were going to help me live a long life. Once I started to research what was in the food I was consuming I was appalled. My diet seriously consisted of sugar, wheat, dairy, antibiotics, and lots of processed meat… No wonder I had intense digestive issues.

If my pancreas is unable to produce digestive enzymes, and my body creates too thick of mucus why on EARTH would a doctor tell me to eat lots of dairy and wheat? Because, that’s what they were taught, and they think they are helping. So, I started to eliminate the things that caused me the most discomfort. The more I learned the more I understood my pain. The first thing I eliminated was wheat, I had always known that I shouldn’t consume this product because of how it made me feel… but the addiction was real.

Step by step I slowly tightened up my diet, and it wasn’t easy. But I started to realize that the majority of the cystic fibrosis symptoms were actually caused by consuming poison. I no longer needed the pink chalk after ever meal, because I was intuitively listening to what I needed instead. My anxiety started to disappear after I eliminated the toxic sweeteners like maltodextrin. My chronic sinus infections lessoned their severity after cutting out all dairy products because I was creating a dryer internal system.

After two years of trial and error, I have been able to eliminate all but three medications (with the supervision of my doctors!) and my health has never been better. I am still learning how to heal, and to be cool with the struggle. I still have an invisible illness, but for the first time in my life I am in charge of my own health. Instead of immediately calling my medical team when I am experiencing severe symptoms I sit back and genuinely ask myself, what did I eat? It’s a hard pill to swallow to know that I had the power the entire time, but it’s also very empowering to know that I am in control of my life. There are times when western medicine IS the answer, but I always start with healing myself first.

Do you have any questions regarding living a holistic lifestyle? Let’s get in touch. Because YOU have the same power.

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