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Ashlee was born with cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease that weakens the lungs and causes respiratory problems. In 2001, at a time when her lung functions were rapidly declining, she stumbled into her first yoga class. She immediately got hooked and has been practicing ever since. Yoga has allowed her lung functions to not only return to normal levels, but to improve beyond anything she’s ever experienced.

After she began to incorporate yoga into her daily life, she realized that the absence of her breath was the greatest asset in understanding how important it is to create space in the body and mind. She completed her first 500-hour certification in Reno, Nevada, with We Are One Reno Yoga Teacher Trainings, and recently just finished a 300-hour certification with Janet Stone.

She imbues yoga traditions in her daily life and infuses her classes with intelligent and mindful sequencing. You might see Ashlee toting around her harmonium, named Lucy, to offer optional mantras in her classes. She also loves hands-on assists in her classes to help with grounding and a deeper understanding of the dynamics happening within each asana.

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